Women Empowered Thursday
6:15-7:15 pm Saturdays 8:00 am

1 Woman is assaulted every 6 minutes in the U.S.

4 Out of 5 sexual assaults are by non-strangers.

Most women are attacked in their own homes.


We will teach the most important women's self-defense techniques.
Absolutely no experience is necessary to participate.


You ARE Worth Defending

Self-defense is a mindset and it begins with the idea that you are worth defending. Regardless of your age or physical condition, you can and should defend yourself. You already possess the power to defeat a sexual predator, and Women Empowered will show you how!


Increase Your Awareness

Heightened awareness is your first and most reliable defense mechanism against any type of assault. Women Empowered teaches you the most common strategies used by strangers and non-strangers so you can reduce your risk of being targeted.


Unleash Your Power

Women Empowered enables you to survive an attack by a larger, stronger assailant. From the very first lesson, the simplicity and effectiveness of the techniques will amaze you, and by the end of the program, you will be able to use awareness, leverage, and proper timing to escape from seemingly hopeless situations. Show Your Confidence


Show Your Confidence

Women who walk strong are much less likely to be targeted than those who appear timid or weak. Upon completing the program, your aura of confidence will follow you everywhere you go, and potential assailants will think twice before moving in your direction!

Women Empowered is a six month agreement. Price is $125 for 4 classes a month, $150 for 5-8 classes a month.

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