Here is a quick tour of Gracie Martial Arts Tampa

Here is a quick tour of Gracie Martial Arts Tampa

We are the only Gracie Certified Training Center in Tampa. This means all of our instructors have been personally evaluated and certified by the Gracie family to teach their industry leading Gracie University® programs. These programs offer a structured curriculum  that is standardized across every certified training center around the globe. As a Gracie University® student, you get access to much more than just our local school. You get a free membership to our online platform with detailed, interactive videos of every technique in the curriculum so you can practice at home, preview your next class, or review what you learned. You also get free access for up to 30 consecutive days to any of the other Gracie Certified Training Centers around the world (there are nearly 300 of them!). What makes our programs unique is our focus on self-defense, structure, and safety. Drop by for a trial class to see this for yourself!

We offer:

  • Gracie Bullyproof® Kids Jiu Jitsu Programs for 3-5, 5-7, and 8-12 year old age groups.
  • Gracie Combatives® Adult Beginner Jiu Jitsu program - Teaches students the most effective techniques against the most common 'bad guy' attacks in a street fight.
  • Women Empowered® Self-Defense Program - Specific to the most common types of attacks women face against both known and unknown attackers.
  • Gracie Master Cycle® Intermediate to Advanced Jiu-Jitsu Program - Including well over 600+ techniques, this program will guide you from blue to black belt.
  • Private lessons with a Certified Gracie Jiu-Jitsu Instructor - The fastest way to learn!

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